Amir should have ‘no way back’ insists Kevin Pietersen

Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen feels Pakistan pacer Mohammad Amir should not have been given a second chance after being found guilty of spot-fixing during the Pakistan tour of England in 2010. Amir will return to Lord’s after serving a five-year ban from cricket. “People always deserve a second chance in life but sport is different. We are paid to play a sport we love and are damn lucky to lead the life of a professional cricketer,” Pietersen wrote in his column for The Telegraph. “To try and gain an advantage by taking drugs or devaluing your sport by being bribed is breaking the 11th and 12th commandments. There can be no way back.“I understand that in the sub-continent cricketers come from villages where there is poverty and deprivation. The chance to escape the village and give their family a better life is something they will do anything for. They get the chance to play international cricket and earn massive sums of money and are exposed to temptation. But to bowl a no ball for £50,000 to earn more money is just greed,” said Pietersen.Pietersen was part of the Lord’s Test where the spot-fixing scandal surfaced. “The story broke on the Saturday night (day four) and we all felt sick on the final day of the game. The guys did not shake hands at the end of the Test.

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