An egg-cellent ingredient

When it comes to the latest in the beauty industry, one eye is always on Korea for their skin care discoveries. The current lot of products to come from that corner of the world claim to help eliminate blackheads, smooth fine lines, brighten dull complexions and all contain the humble egg. The whites of this breakfast food are said to have albumin that cleanses and tones the skin, leaving a radiant effect, while the yolks are rich in vitamins and fatty acids and help retain moisture. The ingredient is seen in a variety of masks, creams and cleansers. While eggs have been a part of hair care before, adding it to your skin care regime may be a good idea.


Good toning effect
Dr Shefali Trasi Nerurkar, MD Skin, consultant dermatologist, Dr Trasi’s Clinic & La Piel explains egg has been used for many years now. “It was known as an excellent conditioner for hair. Also it has been one of the ingredients of many skin products. It is known to have a good cleansing and toning effect on the skin. Eggs contain collagen which has skin tightening properties. When these masks are applied, one can feel a mild firming effect. However, these masks do not penetrate deep and results may not last long. In a younger woman without much sagging or significant pores these masks will show a better result; but in older women it won’t show as much results,” she says.

Can clog pores
Dr K E Mukadam, dermatologist and laser surgeon, Lasercure says egg is good for treating acne, fine lines and wrinkles, as well as dull and dry skin. “It has 69 different proteins present due to which one can improve their skin tone and elasticity. In fact, most spas use egg white with different ingredients in a mask which helps the skin and does not have any harsh effect. One can use an egg white face mask regularly. It helps to give a natural facelift at home. It helps to remove dead skin cells and control some sagging of the skin. As a skin care ingredient, it does have a few disadvantages such as it can clog the pores and increase possibility of breakouts for those who have acne prone and dry skin. But it varies from skin type to skin type.”

Quick D-I-Y egg mask
Take two eggs and separate the whites from the yolks. Then whisk the whites until they are frothy. Smooth the mixture in upward motions on the face, applying liberally. Allow to dry for about 15 or 20 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

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