‘Andher Nagri Choupat Raja’ to ‘Moderen Surgery’ ‘Yeh Ishq Nahi Asan’ for the best actor of the Play ‘Pagla Ghoda’

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Serious Study Report; By: Harbans S Nagokay.
Azzadi Ki Tehreek, Eak Ehsaas, Dentist, Wapsy, Masiha, Modern Surgery, Ye Ishq Naheen Aasaan, Khiladi, Phansey, Sausaal Baad, 3 4 Bhag, Sab Jhoot Hai, Pita Ji Aap Gayay Naheen, Bankey Nawab, Aakhry Ghanta, Main Intzaar Karoon Gi…..etc. With long list of credentials as doughty artist, duly remained associated with theatre since 1965, Dr Z H Gilani, acting Principal GMC, found always delighted in many roles he played at song and drama division J&K in Doda and till date associated with writings, acting, and academy as-well.Still with stand-up entertainer like look, and many stage
performances, PMC-Jammu; remained associated with Platforms like Radio, TV, Film as Actor, Director and script writer and Dr Gilani has also been awarded as best actor for the Play “Pagla Ghoda”.
Unexpectedly; this famous actor of ‘PAGALA GHODA’ is not doing much of reasonableness with his new role as ‘Principal and Dean; of GMC-Jammu’.
Everyone knows that there is relation between ‘Job-Profile & Personality’ else best positions do require a matured & polished behaviour alongside influencing impressions to handle any awkward situation well with abilities to answer any related query at any platform. And, all such qualities are collectively known as ‘Administrative Skills’
Unfortunately, Jammu people; are not feeling much appreciated by now and certainly not at all appreciating the existing facilities and arrangements available at various hospitals of town, and impatiently considering some early remedial actions by our leaders, Government & officials to meet their expectations. But, things sound seriously more unfortunate-and-neglected, like; when PMC-Jammu, Dr ZH Gilani, left a live TV show(Panel Discussion) held at Gulistan Chanel.
So, quick-responder,Dr Gilani, hardly bothered of the dishonours & disgraceful-discomfiture, done to public & electronic-media; that always stand as fourth-pillar of democracy then only to find-out ways for whichever main-concern in the larger interest of communities. A child like naughtiness, done by this prestigious responsibility, otherwise not in the larger interest of department as-well. As, such conducts and undesirable kind of behaviours, especially when presented on public platforms, many times left a sort of question mark on one’s sense-of-duty besides leaving shadows of doubts on well-being of organization and Governmental-selections too.
There is no need to tell, such a high-ranking officials (not at all frustrated) those always tried to presents themselves as public servants and duly attending the live shows as front-face, mentors / spokespersons from their respective departments, have a better duty to defend their particular sections & subordinates else orders & chains-of-command.
On other hand, Dr. Gilani, in this open debate-platform, telecasted live on different channels; conflictingly but boldly, from the beginning found accusing the State-Government for its indiscriminate behaviour with Jammu region, as compared to valley and otherwise spelled ministers as non-serious toward filling the requisite posts and positions, beside deprived allocation of funds, to the Government hospitals of winter capital.
However, general public enjoyed this sensible show-program, where other three people along with host, found earnestly defending the civic grievances’ and criticism-objections / allegations were then protected and thoughtfully responded. Also, Dr. Gilani’s presence and stylish disappearance from discussion nonetheless left some extra demands in many minds with upturned TRP of his far-fetched act; that might be articulating at the corridors of commands ‘To Keep Guns & Clouts; Away From Innocent Hands’.

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