Animal and Human

Who leads a more comfortable lifetime, Human or Animal? We spend our entire life time to earn and sustain a living. For this only 90% of our efforts are going right from the schooling till the job. We go through several hardships for that and remain still unsure whether we will be able to ensure a peaceful life or not.

On the other hand sustaining a living is found easier in case of an animal. He eats, finds a comfortable place and sleeps peacefully, without any tension. When he gets hungry he goes for a hunt finds something and fills his stomach. No insecurity, no tension. If his stomach is filled, environment is comfortable to the body and there are no predators around then he is most tension free animal in the world!

How many nights do humans sleep peacefully? How much time do humans spend without any tension? I do not say one should aspire to become an animal in order to lead a happy life but I want to understand what is there in case of human being which causes all those tensions and what is the way out of it?

Few more examples to bring out difference between human and animal.

  1. After having lunch a human starts thinking where he will get dinner from? That’s why he tries to accumulate more and more to feel secure. On the other hand animal does not. If an animal’s stomach is filled then he doesn’t try to accumulate. He leaves the extra food at the place itself. In case of ants also they are not doing accumulation for the sake of doing accumulation but they are made like that, that’s why they put up cumulative efforts to collect and store their food, not like humans where a human is even ready to kill another human for his feeling of security.
  2. If there is a rain, both human and animal will run from there to save themselves from it. After coming into shade animal will be at rest but human will not be. He will start thinking, “What is this rain?”, “What if this comes again?”, “How will I save myself if this happens again?” and several more questions.
  3. If a human is given food by throwing at him, he will not take it. If a animal is given food by throwing at him, he will take it.
  4. If an animal’s stomach is filled then that is sufficient for him, but if a human’s stomach is filled then that is not sufficient. He starts thinking on many more things like problems in relationships, problems in job, problems in society etc.
  5. In case of an animal if its body is fed well, there are no predators around and environment is comfortable for the body then thats sufficient for him, but in case of a human that is not sufficient.
  6. In case of animal sustainance or just living is the major business. In case of human living with Happiness + Prosperity + Relationships + Continuity of these 3 is the major business.

This brings out a major difference between humans and animals. A Human being wants to live with Happiness + Prosperity + Relationships + Continuity of these 3.A human being wants, Happiness in the Self, Trust and Respect in Relationships, Self-Dependence in job, Fearlessness in Society and Co-Existence in nature. On the other hand sustaining the body is sufficient for an Animal.

Here we see that Physical Facilities (Food, Cloths, Shelter etc.) are necessary for Human Being but are not sufficient to live. In case of Animals Physical Facilities are necessary and sufficient.


There is one more major thing to notice in case of Human Being. Need for Happiness + Prosperity + Relationships is continuous in case of Human Beings. They are Ever Actively Present. There is never a time when a human being doesn’t want Happiness in Self, Trust and Respect in Relationships and Fearlessness in Society. In case of Animals that is not the case.

Due to lack of understanding in a human being of himself, he lacks the knowledge of what he really wants and how can he get that. This lack of understanding is the root cause of all the human problems.

So what can ensure a human being what he really wants? It is Right Understanding in a human being at the level of Self, Family, Society and Nature which can ensure it. This is a big difference between an Animal and a Human. An Animal just wants to live. A Human wants to live with Knowledge, because for a human being Knowledge itself is Happiness.



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