Another Protest By the Para Military Aspirants To Increase The Seats

In the recent incident of cheating during the ParaMilitary exam where many candidates were seen using unfair means to pass the exam and many aspirants are regularly protesting to cancel the exam or increase the seats.

Today another group of aspirants protested to increase the job vacancy. During the protest, the protesters slammed the Central Government that the government is looking for DDC elections and ignoring us. Jammu BJP President Ravinder Raina during the abrogation of Article 370 said that we will give 50,000 job vacancies to the youth of J&K but till now we haven’t seen any vacancy. The Central Government is sending celebrity party leaders to campaign for DDC elections but they are also not giving any attention to the youth. They further added that corruption was also seen during the Fire Brigade selection when only 8th pass students were selected and no graduate was selected.

An aspirant from the protest said, “our only demand from the J&K LG and Central Government is to increase the job vacancy to 10,000 because about 33,000 aspirants cleared the physical test after struggling for many days to get the token for the physical test”. Another aspirant said that ” on 1 December we had a meeting with Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh where he assured us that another list with low merit and increased seats will be soon issued but it’s almost 13 days but no new list has been issued by the government”.

Protestors have requested all the aspirants who feel that they are being cheated in the result to join them in the march protest against the Central Government to inverse the seats from Chadwal.