Appeal with folded hands, Ready to discuss all issues: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today virtually addressed the farmers at the ‘Kisan Kalyan’ event in Raisen, Madhya Pradesh. He said that discussing agricultural reform laws has been done by every Government. He slammed the opposition parties by telling them to “take the credit” while he would think about the progress of the farmers.

“I request all the political parties with folded hands to please take the credit. They are thinking why couldn’t we do it when Modi did it? I am giving credit to all your old election manifestos. I just want ease in the life of farmers, I want their progress modernity in agriculture,” PM Modi said while addressing farmers.

He told everyone that these laws weren’t developed overnight. Since past 22 years, every Government has discussed About these in detail. Farmer groups, agricultural experts, economists, scientists and progressive farers have called for reforms. Parties opposing these laws today promised these reforms in their manifestos but never did that.

“Congress made loud promises during 2018 elections in Madhya Pradesh to write off all the farm loans for every farmer in the state within 10 days, if they win. They won but did nothing. They lied and used you by promises and playing with your fears.” He said.

Modi assured that the farmers of India would not be left behind in facilities. Exposing the people behind instigating the farmers, he said

“Today I want to expose all those who who absolutely don’t care and have no concern for the farmers (annadatta). Please don’t mislead them.”