Apple may be developing wireless-charging tech for 2017

Apple has finally woken up to wireless charging technology and is said to be working with its partners in the US and Asia to develop the technology for its iPhones and iPads.

According to a  report, the company is planning to deploy the technology by 2017 and is also looking at developing a way to charge the devices while away from the charging mats as currently done in smartphones. Bloomberg also quoted sources saying that the company was looking to overcome technical barriers including loss of power over distance.

Currently, Samsung, Sony and Google are Apple’s rivals who already have the wireless technology but all of them need the device to be on the charging plate.

The move assumes significance for the company as its sales are slowing down and only with newer technologies such as this one can the company charge premium prices.

However, Apple might face a few problems with this technology as the recharge time will increase as the phone or device moves away from the charging plate. Earlier in 2010, the company had filed a patent that outlined the concept of using a Mac machine as a hub for wirelessly charging at a distance of 1 meter via a technique called near-field magnetic resonance.

The company uses a similat technique now, called induction, to charge its iWatch.

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