Army empowers girls with martial art training

The Rashtriya Rifles Battalion at Kalal in an endeavour to empower women with `Self Defence’ skills conducted a fortnight long `Martial Arts’ training for 58 girl
students in the age group of 11 to 14 years at Government Middle School, Gagrote
Qualified instructors from the Army taught the students basic techniques of martial arts apart from unarmed combat skills. The training was conducted with an aim to empower women with skills which makes them confident and the ability to remain alert and calm at all times.
Speaking on the occasion, one participant said that such training will empower women with useful strategies to defend themselves from spontaneous or pre-meditated violence and abuse. These skills not only involve physically tackling threats to safety but also the ability to identify and avoid potentially unsafe circumstances.
The Sarpanch of Gagrote said that such training will not only empower women with self defence skills but also give them the confidence to achieve higher goals in their educational and professional career.

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