Army orgainses environment preservation seminar in Khari

An awareness seminar was conducted by Indian Army recently at Government School, Khari with an aim to promote environment preservation amongst local students and villagers. The seminar was attended by students, locals and forest department officials. Eminent speakers laid emphasis on importance of tree plantation and preservation of forest cover to improve the weather and environment conditions in the area.    Global climate changes have led to frequent weather disruptions in the region which has triggered incessant rains all across the state and has caused massive damage in the recent past.  Speakers also brought out the seriousness of threats posed due to rapidly decreasing biodiversity, growing extinction rates, dwindling resources, and high level of pollution.     This campaign is aimed at seeking equal contribution from all states of society in Environment preservation. Such seminars are planned to be conducted regularly to generate awareness among the locals specially the children as they are the future stakeholders of the society. Approximately 150 students and locals were present for the seminar which reflects the sentiments of the locals towards environment. Army further plans to take plantation drives to increase the declining forest cover in the area.  The initiative taken by the Army was greatly appreciated by the children, locals and teachers.

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