Army saves houses & livestock from Fire Disaster

On Late afternoon of 27 April 2016 a call for help was received from the people of Thindewali khad near Jaurian to rescue their hamlet which caught fire. The fire had engulfed a small hamlet of six to eight gujjar huts of Thindewali Khad .On receipt of the information a prompt action was taken by Crossed Swords Division units located at Jaurian. Within minutes a Quick Reaction Team along with a water bowser and medical assistance under an Army doctor was sent to the affected area.

On seeing the small hamlet of six to eight gujjar’s hut that was engulfed under fire the Army men went in to action to douse the fire and tried to pull out whatever they could save. Two huts were saved by the prompt assistance by the Army. The Army men also provided food and water to the residents of the hamlet. The civil administratation and the locals of Thindewali Khad thanked the Indian Army for its prompt and timely assistance.

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