Army to celebrate ‘Jhangar Day’ on July 4

Jhangar Day celebration has been planned this year on the July 04, 2016 to commemorate the victory by Indian Army. Brigadier Usman had played a pivotal role as Commander of 50 Parachute Brigade during the recapture of Jhangar and the battle of Nowshera, which earned him the title of “Nowshera Ka Sher”. He was posthumously awarded the “Maha Vir Chakra”.
Bal Sena members”, who as young boys, took part in the 1947-48 operations alongwith Brigadier Usman, fondly remembered him and narrated the stories of his valour and selfless devotion to the motherland and how in doing so, he made the supreme sacrifice. They have always appealed to the young generation to emulate the heroism of Brigadier Mohammed Usman and follow the footsteps of this great “Son of the Soil”.
The recapture of Jhangar is full of heroic deeds. In December 1947, one Medium Machine Gun section of 1 MAHAR was placed under command 50 PARA brigade for the defence of Jhangar. All three sub sections were deployed on important features to repel any enemy attack till the “last man last bullet”.
Naik Krishna Sonawane, Havildar Rawoo Kamble and LNK Aba Kiratdude fought the fiercest of battles in this sector while commanding their sub sections and repelled multiple enemy attacks killing hundreds and wounding many more.
On February 6, 1948, the enemy attacked Taindhar and Kot piquets to capture Nowshera. Delta Company of 3 RAJPUT (PARA) under Major Gurdial Singh, Maha Vir Chakra was sent to reinforce Taindhar. After an hour’s hand to hand fighting, the attack was repulsed and the piquets were saved causing a loss of approximately 100 lives and wounding many more enemy troops, thus laying the foundation for the operational plan to recapture Jhangar.
1st PATIALA (15 PUNJAB) also played a pivotal role in recapture of Jhangar under command 50 PARA brigade. While advancing along Shamda Mohra Ridge, battalion established a lodgment and swung into action on March 16, 1948, to relieve stiff resistance being faced by 3 Maratha Light Infantry. Tasked to capture feature called Bump on Pir Thal Naka the battalion negotiated the most inhospitable terrain by night to launch an attack at first light.
On 17 March 1948 the attack went in with clockwork precision resulting in capture of Bump. The Battalion then raced towards Jhangar pushing back stiff opposition there by securing the Northern heights overlooking Jhangar from the South. Heroic action, during the battle resulted in winning one Maha Vir Chakra and three Vir Chakras by 1st Patiala (15 Punjab).

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