Art a luxury in our part of world: Lillete Dubey

Veteran actress Lillete Dubey says art is still a luxury in the country as majority of people are struggling about basic necessities in life.
“How can you expect people to think about art in a country like ours where so many are still living below poverty line? They’ll be thinking about their daily bread and not art.
“We are one billion rising so the masses struggle about the basic necessities of life. Where is the luxury of art for them? Also, appreciation of art and understanding how it enriches your life can only come with certain amount of literacy,” says Dubey.
All for “exposing people to different forms of art”, Dubey, who is also one of the curators for performing arts section in the multi-disciplinary ‘Serendipity Arts Festival’ this December, says festivals like these are “steps in the right direction”.
“Serendipity is important because it’s open to everybody. You come there and take what you want. Somebody gets a lot, somebody a little; but then it’s a huge exposure.
“It is exposing the masses, it is no elitist festival. The tickets are not high. It’s open for all. Exposure in today’s world means everything.”
Asked about her views on censorship and the debate around it; Dubey says it remains a tricky area.
“We should exercises freedom of expression at every point. But it has got some qualifiers. We just can’t offend people. Now, this is very tricky grey area. How far you can go is the question?”
The 63-year old actress, who has had a number of Bollywood and international projects to her credit, says, “her heart lies in theatre”.
“In theatre, I can play a ten-year-old and 92-year-old, and can still convince you of that character. Cinema is minuscule when you compare it with theatre. “Also, I do meaty roles in theatre which in movies are booked for male supporting actors,” says Dubey, known for her roles in “Monsoon Wedding” and “Kal Ho Na Ho”.But the actress admits that the kind of “exposure” and “fame” one gets through movies is second to none. “I got into films when I crossed 40, it was an accident. To me, it’s a parallel activity which I thoroughly enjoy. It helps me in my theatre also. Moreover, I got a chance to work with some phenomenal actors because of movies.”Dubey is looking forward to the release of “Sonata” where she is sharing the screen space with Shabana Azmi and Aparna Sen.

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