Art is beyond age, race, religion, region & above restrictions too : Modi

FEBRUARY 13:  :  Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said art connects one with history and is beyond age, race, region, religion and also above all restrictions.   Inaugurating the new building of the Bombay Art Society here this morning, Mr Modi said, “Art  brings our history to life, it is ageless, timeless, race, region or religion less”. It is also beyond restrictions as art can’t have any restrictions or limits, the PM said observing  that it is about being the strength of society and not just for pride of the walls. Art is first in the heart and mind of the artist, then comes on the paper or canvas, he added. Highlighting the art and cultural history of Mumbai, the Prime Minister said, “Mumbai is blessed  with local artists and artists come from all over India to Mumbai. Art and literature have a special place  in Maharashtra.
“This is a society that had influenced three centuries. Reason is the strength and message of art, he held.   Mumbai is seen as the financial capital of the country but it is also the cultural and literary capital,  vibrant in theatre and cinema, Mr Modi said.   The Prime Minister also released two books at the function and visited the art gallery to  see the paintings and sculptures.

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