AT CD hospital, patients complain ‘mismanagement’ Food lacks protein content, no announcement at eating time: Patients

Pardeep Singh Bali

Bimla Devi, 64 suffering from chest disease waits for food outside the main entrance of the ward number 2, rued “A patient has to reach here much before the scheduled time, as there is no announcement for food from the administration.”

Accusing the hospital administration of putting patients in undue inconvenience by ‘not announcing’ food arrival, Bimla Devi said, “The administration of this hospital is although following every standard, spanning from availability of doctors to cleanness in the hospital wards, but at certain fronts, the hospital management seems apathetic,” she added, “We (patients) have to reach at respective points much before the issuance of food, as at times it has been seen that many patients had to skip their meal because they were not present at the time of distribution of food.”

When asked about the quality of food provided to the patients, she said everyday they get two chapattis, mixed vegetable and pulses in lunch and dinner.

“For breakfast, we get two slices of bread and milk,” she said and added the hospital must increase the diet of patients, as the provided diet is not enough and being poor, patients cannot afford to buy from open market.

Another patient, Santosh from Kathua said that earlier they used to get an egg in the breakfast, but now they only get couple of bread slices and glass of milk.

“I am from Kathua, my family cannot afford to bring food for me daily, so the hospital must increase the diet of patients,” he said, “Many times I missed my food, especially for lunch, as there are no announcements for the same. The person who provides food to patients does not bother to make an announcement and he even does not wait in case a patient is late.”

Admitting that the food provided to the patients in the hospital does not carry stipulated protein content, a senior official of the hospital, wishing anonymity said that a patient with chest diseases and tuberculosis need to consume much protein, but the food provided here lack basic ingredient.

“We need to provide 100 gms of protein to each patient in a day, but I feel the food served in the hospital carries 60-70 gms of the protein, which is not healthy for the patient, as deficiency of 40 gms is a big deal for the patient,” official said and added due to improper diet, the patients are taking more time to recover, thus the pressure on hospital remain cumbersome.

He said that in the name of food, the patients are being supplied just ‘water’. “The patients are somehow getting good breakfast, especially after new minister, but in the name of lunch and dinner they are only given water (sic),” said official.

Talking to Newspoint, senior doctor, Dr Rahul Gupta said that the diet supplied in the hospital is in accordance with the government policy. “We cannot demand special diet for patients as same is supplied to all the hospitals. We receive food, which is supplied at government medical college and hospital,” he said and added a contractor supplies three time food at all the hospitals in accordance with the prescribed guidelines from the government.

When tried to contact, Medical Superintendent-Dr Manoj Chalotra did not turn up despite repetitive calls.

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