Attack on EDI: ‘A conspiracy to dent progressing youth’

Pardeep Singh Bali


It won’t be perhaps wrong to say that the frustrated terrorists are now attacking ‘Institutes of Success’ in valley, after they apparently failed to brainwash educated youth of Kashmir.
“The repeated attacks on the Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) complex in Pampore Srinagar make it evident that terrorists are frustrated with the involvement of youth in the business activities, said a senior administrative officer, wishing not to be named.
He added that this year only, terrorists targeted this ‘symbol of success’ twice, with an aim to carry collateral damages to the building as well as to the ambitions of the youth.
The senior officer maintained, “You have to understand the intentions of the terrorists. They have failed to brainwash youth now and to deviate them (youth), terrorists have resorted to targeting these institutes.”
He added that such attacks were carried by the terrorists in the early period of terrorism, wherein girl liberty was hampered.
“If you remember, such policy of threatening and controlling youth was adopted by the terrorists during the peak period of terrorism. They barred girls from moving alone outside. They even targeted many girls, found alone without veil,” officer said and added that the terrorists have a simple policy of creating fear psychosis among people and by carrying such attacks they believe they can deviate youth.
In February attack by terrorists on the EDI building, five security force personnel including two young army officers and a civilian employee of the Institute and three militants were killed in the 48-hour operation.
In the second attack on the building, which started on Monday, the militants are believed to have entered the complex from the riverside. After getting inside the complex, the militants set on fire few mattresses inside a hostel room to attract the attention of the police and other security forces, which arrived within minutes of the smoke emanating from the building. The attacks have led many to wonder as to why the terrorists specifically targeted the EDI building.
“The security agencies cannot stop these terrorists until the local population stop supporting them, as they are given refuge by some section of population, believing them to be vanguards of the freedom movement,” officer said and added that the people must understand that these elements are not true to
“If they really cared about people of Kashmir they would not have destroyed the building providing livelihood to the youth,” said officer.
Pertinently, Jammu & Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute (J&KEDI), a pioneering institute of entrepreneurship development in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, is playing a major role in providing a pro-entrepreneurial environment to foster
the progress and prosperity of the state. The raison deter of his institute is to assist the Government in formulating and implementing its policies for entrepreneurship development through a host of services like research, consultancy, information, training and education.

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