Attendants complaint of extra charges in Sulabh toilets: GMC

Government Medical College and Hospital, Jammu (GMC&H) is back in news, yet again for all the wrong reasons.

Patients and  attendants have complained that workers in Sulabh toilets in GMC are charging double the real charges for the use of Urinal there.

They said that till the afternoon they were paying Rs 5 for using the urinal but suddenly as the shift changed in the evening, the other worker started charging Rs 10 for using the urinal which is exactly double the price.

When people protested, he said that the charges have increased as per the new notification. He started charging Rs 10 for using urinal and 20 for bathing purposes.

When inquired by JK Media, the worker accepted that he has been over charging people illegally and there is no such notification by the concerned authorities.

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