Autonomy only constitutional remedy to Kashmir issue: Dr Farooq Abdullah

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Srinagar, November 15

National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah Tuesday stated Jammu & Kashmir had acceded to secular India and not a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ while reiterating that Autonomy was the only workable solution to the Kashmir issue.

While chairing the working committee meeting of district Ganderbal at party head quarters NC President said that GoI was bound to make provisions to grant Autonomy to Jammu & Kashmir and this was a guarantee that had time and again been clarified with the representatives from the government of India. He said that Autonomy remains the only constitutional remedy to Kashmir issue and there was nothing ‘unconstitutional’ about it.

Dr Farooq Abdullah called his staunch belief in Autonomy as an achievable goal a ‘dream that will see light of the day’. “For the love I have for the people of this state, I will never show them a dream that cannot be fulfilled,” he said. He restated that Autonomy for the state of J&K was the political statement of his party and that the party would never barter it for anything else.

“Dialogue is the only way forward and Autonomy is the only real solution,” he said.

He expressed angst against violence on both sides and retorted that force of any kind was not going to help either India or Pakistan. “Whose writ is this force going to establish?” Dr Farooq asked. He pleaded that both nations need to pull people out of the misery that the violence had pushed them into.

While dismissing the ‘false propaganda’ spread by parties that he said were ready to ‘sell their soul for power’, Dr Farooq Abdullah said that history was a witness to the fact that Kashmir’s accession to India was conditional. “Karan Singh has been bold enough to clarify for all those spreading misgivings about our accession to India. He has said time and again said that his father acceded to India on the basis of three conditions.”

He called upon the ‘people of Kashmir’ to be wary of people whose aim is to use divisive strategies to divide people. “We need to look inside at our conscience and reject the ideas of the conspirators. We need to rise to the occasion and expose the falsehood that is being spread against the party,” he said. He expressed confidence that people will help NC as ‘they have always done’.  “This is the only party that has taken its birth from the blood of the martyrs, our own martyrs who laid their life down to fight oppression in Kashmir,” he said.

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