Avoid raking of irrelevant issue

National Conference (NC) patron and senior political leader of the state, Dr Farooq Abdullah is often blaming present dispensation by raking up issue of eroding of special constitutional status of J&K state, creating fear and panic among the Kashmiri people.
Since PDP-BJP came to power, all leaders of main opposition party NC are harping on damage to Article 370 on the part of present coalition government with connivance of existing lobby in New Delhi.
While addressing a day long lawyers’ conclave organised by the party’s legal
cell at NC Headquarters in Srinagar on Saturday, Dr Farooq Abdullah cautioned Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to draw lessons from history and fear the reprisal of political connivance with forces inimical to the interest of the state. He further said that he has personally witnessed how a long existing lobby in New Delhi has used pliant leaders and regime in the state to erode Article 370 and rob the state by its constitutionally guaranteed Internal Autonomy.
He particularly expressed concern over extension of NFSA and NEET to the state and alleged that PDP-BJP government is peddling an Industrial Policy, a conspicuous ambiguity on the question of non state subject investors and promoters.
It is surprise that whenever NC losses power then they create fear among the masses of Kashmiri regarding threat to Article 370.
By creating fear and apprehension among Kashmir youths by raking up irrelevant issue, NC as a main opposition party is not going to serve the interest of the state as well as of the people but on contrary would be counter productive in restoration of peace and normality in the state, yearning for it for a long time.
In democracy, opposition has also constitutional responsibility towards smooth functioning of government in the interest of the people. By issuing controversial statements, the leaders of NC are not only creating confusion, disturbing peace but indirectly supporting separatist forces to achieve their goal. They know it very well that a little bit rumours can spark violence in whole valley.. Whether NC is in power or not, they are concerned about autonomy rather than development of the state.
For them development and removal of unemployment in the state is secondary issue while autonomy is more important.
Even a lay man know that demand of more autonomy on the part of NC is not going to help the masses but it would
benefit the people in power.
Dr Farooq Abdullah is not only senior political leader of NC but whole state.
At present Kashmir want peace to get back its derailed economy by attracting tourists in the state.
By raking up irrelevant issue, there is threat of disturbing peace by anti national elements and a state like J&K would go from bad to worse.
Moreover agenda of alliance of PDP-BJP is committed to safeguard special status of J&K. Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has repeatedly committed for safeguarding special status of J&K. It is advisable that NC leaders should avoid issuing controversial statements for the best interest of the state.

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