Awareness programme on fire safety week held

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Kathua, April 19
The Jammu and Kashmir fire service unit Kathua celebrated the fire safety week from 14 April to 20 April by awaring the people and students about the fire by organizing seminars in various educational institutes, industries and villages of the Kathua.
An awareness programme on fire safety in the Shiva Public School Kathua in which all the students were made to aware about the some particular reason of fire causing and its preventive measures by the Assistant Director Fire Services, Samba-Kathua S.C Verma.
During his address to the students and school staff in the premises of the school, he said that it is often seen that the warm season is very sensitive to catch the fire and most of the people feared to see the flames of fire and on spot cannot manage the preventive measures due to the lack of awareness to overcome the fire so it becomes the morale duty of the depart to launch such awareness programme to make the people effective to fight with the fire. He said that people should the entire switch off of the electricity connectivity while not in use, to check all the old electric wire system particularly in these days and one should keep the electric heater at least 4feet away from any kind of wooden doors, windows and curtains in the houses as well as industries. He also told the people if any kind of such fire incident comes to happen then to call on an emergency Telephone Number 101 fire service for the protection.

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