Bad condition of road irked residents, commuters

Balwant Singh Bhau
The pathetic condition of a link road has been causing problems to residents of Shanker Colony, Deep Nagar area which lies in Kunjwani.
Meandering through many thickly populated localities behind the area are a series of roads that link several areas.
One among them branches from Shanker colony and connects it with main road Kunjwani- Gangyal.
The condition of this is very deplorable.
Vishal Kumar, The road is destroyed last year in the flash floods, no one from the authorities inquired about the condition.
Residents of area point out that there were a few Government and private schools here and vehicular traffic had increased, because of which they are battling potholed roads in their localities and say that negligence and lack of political will is to be blamed for the deplorable condition of the streets.
While the authorities claim to have repaired most of the roads in city, residents of Shiv Nagar, Gangyal extension say that the reality on the ground is different.
Raj Kumar, a resident of Gangyal, said, “The condition of the road makes it difficult to drive or to even walk on it. During the monsoon, we have to watch out for potholes. A few more roads have been built in the recent past to connect our colony but they are also riddled with potholes.
This poses danger to people as many minor accidents have occurred on these stretches.”Arti, a resident said, “Lack of political understanding is what is leading to these problems.

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