Bad Road Conditions

Dear Editor,
Through the column of your esteemed newspaper I would like to draw your kind attention towards the bad condition of Raipur-Satwari road. From last one year the roads has been almost impassable. We have made several complaints. But the road has been neglected for a long time. The surface of the road is broken by the heavy rains. There are heaps of road metal on both sides of the road. They leave only little room in the middle.
The side rains are blocked and the water flows out slowly. So the road get flooded even after a slight rain. There are potholes on the road. The broken culvert is also a danger for vehicles especially at night.
This road serves a large number of houses in this area. There is a lot of traffic along the road at any time of the day. So we are grateful to you if you take action to repair the road. There is an increase in the number of accidents in our locality due to bad road conditions. The roads are not well lit with street lights which causes problem in driving during the darker hours of the day. There are large pits in the roads that causes imbalance of wheel while driving. There are also speed breakers on the road causing inconvenience.
Rekha Patel
Trikuta Nagar

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