Bahujan Samaj Party holds meet

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) held a party meeting involving workers of district Samba at Vijaypur, Ramgarh. In the meeting Tarsem Lal Khullar party president was the chief guest. The delegates from all the assembly constituencies from the district took part in the meeting. The main agenda of meeting was to observe martyr day of Bhagat Amarnath. All the speakers while speaking remembered the supreme sacrifice of life by Amarnath Bhagat on 1st june 1970. He was considered as a great messiha of downtrodden residing in J&K state with the truth and nail struggle of Dr. B.R Ambedkar, the masses of Indian belongs to poor classes were able to get constitutional rights in free India particularly SC, ST, OBC. All those provisions enshrined in constitution of India were declared to be implemented on 26 January 1950. But same are denied to the people of J&K even till today. Even up to 1973 SC were denied there rights of reservation. It was only after 1970 when Bhagat Amarnath sacrificed his life in front of civil secretrate when Govt. Of J&K was forced to implement the reservation rule in 1973. There after reservation was also implemented in 1989. It is matter of great concerned that OBC of J&K is deprived of its due share of 27 percent till to date.
The OBC is given only 2 percent reservation in J&K when central Govt. has implemented 27 percent in central services.
After long deliberation it was resolved to observe Martyre Day on 1St June 2015 at party Headquaters from 10 AM to 1 PM. The speaker submitted that party will take the incomplete mission of Dr. B.R Ambedkar, Kanshi Ram and through his bale hand K. Behan Mayawati to its logic end. Speaker also appealed to the downtrodden sections of society to come forward in big way. If they will not awaken in time their rights will be shelved and they will be forced to live the life of slaves as it was before free India in 1950. Future generation will be ruined. Responsibility for the same will be yours.
On this Occasion Devinder Kumar was announced as Distt. Cashier Samba.
Tarsem Lal Khullar President BSP thanked the workers/ speakers to give such a valuable advice to achive the final goal of party to capture the power at the centre. This can be achieved only through your dedicated work.
Those who spoke on the topic were Rattan Lal Chargotra, Rattan Kumar Bhagat, Jagdish Verma,Ex MLA Som Nath,K.L Attri, Ex President T.D Langeh, Charan Dass, Daleep Gill, Raj Kumar Thappa, Deepak Rana, Pritam Chand, Bansi Lal,Shivanjeet Langeh, Prithvi Raj Manyal, Sardari Lal, Parshotam Singh, puran Chand, Rattan Lal, Bodh Raj Dogra.

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