Balochis in Canada to protest ‘China-Pak nexus in alleged human rights abuses in Balochistan

Baloch activists will next week protest outside the Chinese consulate against what they call a China- Pakistan nexus and alleged human right violations in Pakistan’s Balochistan province, Balochnama news site reported.

The Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) said it will hold this three-day, peaceful awareness campaign outside the Chinese Consulate inCanada starting Monday.

Ever since India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi took up the cause of Balochistan in July, members of the Baloch community abroad have renewed their campaign to bring to light alleged human right violations in the Pakistani province. Many Baloch people live abroad as they are either exiled or have been forced to move out of Pakistan in the last several years, following alleged oppression by the Pakistani army.

Starting Monday, in Canada, activists plan to urge China “to stop being Pakistan’s partner in crime against the Baloch nation”, the Balochnama report said. It added that Islamabad “has been committing war crimes and crimes against humanity on Baloch people since 1948 when it illegally and forcibly occupied the sovereign state of Balochistan.”

Baloch Human Rights organisations told Balochnama that Pakistani forces have abducted more than 20,000 Baloch activists, including women and children. Worse, they said that more than 5,000 of these “enforced-disappeared” people have been killed in custody.

FBM also said the Chinese government is becoming Pakistan’s partner “in the looting and plundering” of Balochistan’s natural resources.

“Pakistan is deploying 10,000 more Punjabi jihadist mercenaries to crush the Balochistan freedom movement, to enable Chinese to loot Baloch resources, in the pool of Baloch blood,” the report said, adding that Beijing has, in return, agreed to give Islamabad as much as $46 billion by 2030.

FBM’s goal is to raise international awareness about the plight of the Balochi people in Pakistan.

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