Balochistan woman exposes Pakistan, tweets heart-rending pictures of Baloch youths dead bodies

Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for action against Pakistan for its atrocities against the locals in Balochistan, many voices have come forward and spoken against Islamabad.
Banuk Shirin, claiming to a be a Baloch woman, tweeted heart-rending pictures of Pakistan Army’s brutal killings.While posting the pictures on her twitter account, she accused the Pakistani forces of abducting the Baloch youths and then killing them.
Shirin slammed Islamabad for promoting terrorism, saying world is with Balochistan’s call for freedom.
Last week, Balochistan’s representative at UNHRC accused Pakistan of committing war crimes against Baloch people and urged the international community to penalise Islamabad for its alleged human rights violations in the Baloch and Sindh regions. In his address from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the occasion of 70th Independence Day, PM Modi hit out at Pakistan for “glorifying” terrorists. PM Modi in his I-Day speech came out openly in support of
“freedom” for Balochistan and “PoK.”

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