Ban plastic bag strictly

Excise and Taxation Department deputed at Toll Plaza Lakhanpur deserve kudos for recovering 19, 900 kgs of polythene bags from a truck on its way from Punjab to J&K in last week.
They not only arrested the driver of the truck but also handed over the truck to Pollution Control Board for taking further action as per existing law.
It is to be mentioned here that there is ban in use of polythene bags in our state but despite that our shopkeepers, vendors and Rehriwala are rampantly using polythene bags. Even state government also assured that they are going to bring legislation to make use of polythene in a state a cognizable offence to protect environment.
Pertinently, to protect the environment and public health, several state and local bodies have called for complete ban on the use of plastic in the state in view of its negative impacts on the people health as well as environment but despite that the people continue to use it and polluting the environment.
Plastic bags are very popular with retailers and consumers because they are light weight, cheap and strong, not to forget the harmful effect.
Polythene bags is one of the biggest threat in pollution of environment and its rampant use is causing harmful effect on aquatic and terrestrial animals.
They are non-biodegradable and take as long as 1,000 years to fully break down while its not disposed properly may find their way into the drainage system, resulting into choking of drains.
According to a survey done by an agency, India’s consumption of plastic is one of the highest in the world and above all coloured plastic bags contain certain chemicals, which can leach to the ground and contaminate soil.
The people throw their wastage including large quantity of plastic bags in dustbins which further is carried by Municipal authorities and dumped mostly in bank of river or nullah, causing threat to water pollution also.
Merely introducing legislation is not enough even the NGOs and other organizations should come forward to generate awareness on bad effects of polythene bags.
It is advisable that eco friendly carry bags made of jute or canvass should be encouraged to be used by the shopkeepers and consumers.
If possible consumer should carry their own bag of cloth to bring items from the market.
Law enforcement agencies as well as local body can play a vital role by strictly enforcing ban and crack down on erring shopkeepers and traders using polythene bags.
It may be recalled that merely legislation would not be suffice to check this menace, awareness among the masses can pay rich dividends and would help to keep environment neat and clean.
To protect environment is the responsibility of all true citizens and this is going to a global campaign to protect this Earth from pollution.
Moreover this is also a great step toward Swachh Bharat Abhiyan launched by our Prime Minister of India Narender Modi during 2014.
Above all, bringing legislation by J&K government with maximum punishment against defaulters would go a long way to check use of polythene bags.

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