Bandipora Quarry Workers Protest ban on Stone Quarries

JAN 14:  Workers protested in SaderkootBala village of north Kashmir’s Bandipora district on Wednesday against the government for continuously banning stone quarry works.

The quarry workers shouted slogans demanding justice and revocation of the continuous ban on stone excavation by the government.

The protesters said that the move of the authorities had left them jobless and their families in dire straits.

“Our livelihood is being snatched. We all earn hand to mouth and if the ban persists where will we go? How would we feed our families,” said Anayat Ahmad, president Stone Quarry Association based in SaderkootBala village.

Saderkoot in Bandipora is famous for stone carvings with scores of young and elderly associated with the trade and the skill gets passes down from generation to generation.