Bank robberies-a wakeup call for authorities: Prof Virender


Newspoint Bureau

Jammu Tawi, December 17


BJP State Spokesperson, Prof Virender Gupta, said that the repeated incidents of robbery in the branches of J&K Bank smells the connivance of the concerned banks authorities and the slackness of the administrative machinery. Earlier there used to be attacks on the police stations to loot the arms and ammunition and now there are happenings of loot of money from the banks. Thus counter the efforts of Government of India to check the transaction of Hawala Money to the terrorists and other separatist elements, thus making it as an unfruitful exercise in the valley.

The Spokesperson asked the state government, particular to those at the helm of affairs in the police department, to show their sincerity and commitment to their duties and to the nation, take necessary steps to catch hard of  those involved in bank robberies and to enhance the security and make appropriate arrangement to check the repetition of such events.

He asked, in particular to the bank authorities to device a mechanism not only to ensure the safety of the banks but also probe the involvement of the bank employees in such like episodes. He further said that through the situation in the valley started showing improvement because of a feeble response of the public in general, to the bandh calls of the separatists, but the anti-national forces and their sympathizers are still active and are in search of opportunities to hit.

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