Banks to pay back total amount to ‘ATM cheated customers’

Vishal Sharma

Bringing respite to the people who have been reportedly cheated by the ATM hackers in Jammu and Kashmir, the banks have decided to pay back the total amount to the customers, after proper verification.
According to senior officer, in the recent past one month several cases have been registered with the police pertaining to ATM cheating. In Samab alone over 60 complaints were registered by the people that their money has been withdrawn by some unknown person from some other state by using their ATM.
Acting swiftly over the complaints received regarding the ATM cheating and fraud in the Samba district, three people were arrested by the police from Punjab and Kathua against whom challan have also been
produced by the police while investigation is also going on to catch the main hackers.
In the matter two FIRs were registered by the police and investigation was started which resulted into the arrest of three persons while further investigation is underway and police is confident that very soon the main online hackers will also be caught.
Sources said that hackers are using the clone cards of the account holders to make transactions and are using these clones in other states especially at Delhi. They said that Lakhs of rupees have been siphoned so far from the back accounts by “hackers” by using the clone cards though their operandi of preparing the clone is still a mystery.
These incidents have taken place in Bishnah and Bari Brahamana area from where police has receiving frequent complaints. In Bari Brahamana area alone several people have been cheated by these online hackers by withdrawing amount from their respective accounts.
Worthy to mention here, that these hackers are mainly targeting the accounts of defence personals and some of them have informed the JK Newspoint about the same.
Ram Pratap of 38bn CRPF informed that Rs1, 15000 has been withdrawn by the hackers from his bank account using clone of ATM card. Similarly Rajinder Singh of 38bn CRPF informed that Rs 3,500 were withdrawn by unknown person from some other state. RS 66000 were withdrawn from the account of Sanjay Singh of same battalion. Rs 45000 of Avatar Singh were also withdrawn by hackers from Delhi.
SSP Samba, Joginder Singh when contacted said that three persons were arrested by the police and one more case of the same kind has been registered at police station Bari Brahamana in which inquest proceedings have also been initiated and soon we will burst the entire racket.
“About 60 complaints of ATM cheating were received by the police and we firstly approached the bank officials and on their complaints made these arrests besides this bank have decided to pay the amount withdrawn by the hackers to the victims” he added.

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