Be apart from rumor mongers, Beg appeals for peace, tranquility

Former Parliamentarian and PDP Chief Spokesperson, Dr. Mehboob Beg has appealed to one and all to ensure that peace and tranquility prevails in the valley. “Those trying to create confusion over the ‘Sainik Colony’ issue must realize that they are playing with fire and trying to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere in the state by resorting to rumor mongering”’ said Dr. Beg.

Beg also clarified that the stand of the Peoples Democratic Party has always been unambiguous on the issue and that there could never be any deviation from what is permitted and what is not permitted under the Constitution of Jammu & Kashmir. “All those who are the ‘Permanent Residents’ of the state of Jammu & Kashmir can own land, irrespective of their caste, creed and religion, the law is absolutely clear and there is no confusion in this regard. Anybody trying to create confusion in this regard is only trying to create an atmosphere of uncertainty in the State”, said Beg.

Beg also said that providing shelter to persons working/serving in the state under various capacities was a separate issue and should not be mixed with the controversy that was sought to be created. He further added that nothing should be done which will disrupt and disturb tourism in the state that was picking up and showing every sign of helping boost the economy of the State, this season. “The opposition parties should desist from making threats of setting the state on fire, the Government has made it clear once for all that no such proposal is on the cards and such a proposal can never see the light of day, the matter should end there and the opposition must behave mature rather than resorting to gimmicks” , added Dr. Beg. “Every person working in the state will be provided safe conditions and no non-resident of the state can/will hold any land in the State, these are two separate issues and both are very clear, there is no scope of any confusion in this regard”’ concluded Beg.

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