Be truthful, be good to others

Religious discourse is a place where human beings discover themselves. It is at this place that people come to know the meaning of humanity and above all, about themselves. Till the time human beings understand humanity, they are far away from God. They are also far from the inner peace and tranquility. They are sick, worried, ill, tensed up and extremely disturbed. You may travel far and wide in search of peace and knowledge, but will not find these anywhere. If you want to live a carefree life, if you want to be tension-free then attend the religious discourse and work accordingly. In the religious discourse the Spiritual Guide teaches you the name of God and the meaning of truth and reality thereby removes all your sins, problems, pain, tension etc.
The time of today is that of `Kaliyug'(Era of Vices) when the sins rule and humanity suffers. Here there is no control of human beings on their wishes and ambitions, lust and greed. All the relations have lost their true meanings. Selfishness rules the roost. People will stoop to any level to get their work done, even if they have to compromise with wrong values. The best way to avoid this evil is to keep reciting of God’s Words and do things which favour others and are of their need.
Do service to fellow human beings. Be truthful, be good to others. This will protect you from the selfish and mean people. Even the animals and the birds live for themselves. They live life selfishly without caring for others. But our religions tell us something very clearly. In the Hindu religion it has been said that `human beings are superior to all.
In the Sikh religion `Manas’ or human beings are considered the best. In Islam also `Admi’ or human beings are stated to be the best and is said that even ‘Angels’ were directed by God to pay respect to the human beings. Just think about it.
What different work are you doing exactly that you should be respected so much and considered to be the best among all species on the earth?
Human beings eat food and so do the animals and birds. The difference is that human beings keep separate timings for food. They can eat at whatever time they want or keep a daily routine for food. On the other hand the animals have no set routine for food. They eat whenever the food is available. The objective of both is to fill the stomach with food to satiate the gnawing hunger.
Another similar objective is to gather enough energy for them. Human beings have children and animals and birds also have the same. Humans make houses and so do the animals and birds. However, while the human beings find the disposal of urine and stool so difficult, the animals urine and stool acts as fertilizer for nature and even used for improving farming.
Even after death, the bones and skin of the animals are used for some purpose by the human beings. But it becomes difficult to take care of the dead body or bones of human beings. So how are human beings superior to the animals and birds? How can we say that we are better than the animals? The answer to all these questions is that there is only one work that human beings can do and animals and birds cannot. Human beings can recite the name of God that animals cannot. Animals don’t have the intellect. They cannot recite name of God. Even if they want the animals and birds cannot match the human beings in the intellectual quality. Human beings have the power to pray.
They can ask for their welfare and the welfare of other beings. One gets salvation as a result of the recitation of God’s words. God’s name gives inner strength. It gives salvation. Animals and birds do worship of `the Negative Power, but the human beings have the power to worship God and develop self-confidence, morality, inner strength. Human beings can find out ways and means to help other fellow beings. They can help family and friends and society.
On the contrary the animals fight with each other senselessly over little matters. They do not have the intellect to plan out things to help animals of other races. However, these days the opposite is also happening in many parts of the world. Human beings are fighting senselessly like animals on small matters, while animals have learnt to live peacefully with each other.

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