Behavior of Opposition is painful: Dr. Beg

Former Parliamentarian and PDP Chief Spokesperson, Dr. Mehboob Beg has reacted strongly to the Opposition’s reaction on the Joint press conference addressed by the Union Home Minister and Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti.

“It is really unfortunate to see the principal opposition party behaving in such a manner, they seem to have a one point agenda, which is to attack Mehbooba Mufti. This is a sensitive situation that

Kashmir finds itself in and it would only be natural to expect a more mature and understanding opposition at such a juncture. Analyzing the Chief Minister’s body language and making personal remarks against her only underlines the lack of sensitivity and respect that they have for the situation” ‘ said Dr.Beg.

Dr.Beg remarked that the behavior of the Opposition is painful as it shows utter disregard for the situation as well as the prevailing sentiment in the valley. “It should be everyone’s endeavor to find an amicable resolution to the painful situation,keeping in view the sentiments of the people and if the Opposition has a genuine ‘overnight’ solution, the PDP will not come in their way. I request the opposition parties to look to contribute in a constructive manner and indulging in personal remarks at such a sensitive juncture only adds to the pain as it undermines the prevailing sentiment”’ added Dr.Beg.

Dr.Farooq Abdullah did have a golden opportunity in 1996 as it had a resounding mandate and the then Prime Minister also remarked that the Government of India would grant ‘anything’ short of Azaadi, what did we get out of it? The mishandling of the 2010 situation has been acknowledged and admitted by those who were at the helm then and to indulge in mere personal attacks at a vulnerable and sensitive time like this does not look graceful, said Dr.Beg.

Dr.Beg appealed to all Opposition parties to come-out with practical and viable feedback and to desist from settling political scores against the Chief Minister.

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