Bengaluru double murder case solved, three arrested

The Bangalore Police have cracked a double murder case in 48 hours. Santoshi Bai and her daughter-in-law Latha were gruesomely murdered on September 26 by three men who had pawned gold jewellery with Latha’s husband Dinesh.

The accused walked away with 3.5 kg of gold ornaments and Rs 9 lakh in cash after murdering the two women.

All the three accused Manish, Mahendra singh and Devaram were known to the family due to their business relationship.

Bangalore Police commissioner NS Megharikh said that the murder was committed as one of the accused Munish was running into losses and had to pay one of his customers cash for the gold that was pawned. The victims family and the accused were pawnbrokers who would pawn jewellery at exorbitant rates and later pledge the same at a cheaper rate with Dinesh to make a profit.

Munish and Mahendra reached the victim’s house at around 10 am and parked their scooter a little away from the house. As soon as Dinesh left for work, Munish asked Mahendra to wait near the scooter.

Munish, who is better known to the family, entered the house and demanded his jewellery back from Santoshi.

Santoshi refused to give the pawned jewellery back after which Munish slashed her throat with a knife.

Santoshi’s daughter-in-law Latha rushed down after hearing her scream after which Munish overpowered her and slashed her throat also.

Both the women died of excessive bleeding.

Munish walked into the bedroom and took away gold valuables and cash.

At around 10.40 am, the duo handed over the bag of valuables and cash to Devaram at Shivajinagar.

The accused were caught based on CCTV footage which showed Munish walking out with a blood stained shirt and Mahendra waiting by the scooter before they fled the scene.

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