Bhaderwah Tourism festival from 27 to 28 July; MLA Bhaderwah

Believe it or not but it is a bitter truth that the development of tourist spots of Bhaderwah was being deliberately ignored by the state government and deliberate attempts had been made from time to time to discourage the development of tourist spots of Bhaderwah .While crores were being spent for the upkeep of Dal lake in Srinagar, the successive state governments had adopted a step-motherly treatment towards Bhaderwah a famous tourist destination of Jammu region . It is too difficult to drive on the Batote Bhaderwah road as a long stretch of it is badly broken and has death traps in the forms of pits all over it and there is no one in state government to take an initiative to repair this road. “Till the road is repaired, no tourist will prefer to go to the lake,” tourists asserted and emphasized the need for proper traffic management in Bhaderwah town. Bhaderwah which is known the India over for its mesmerising beauty and rich cultural heritage has virtually no place for tourists to savour its traditional cuisine. Not to talk of national cuisine no restaurant serves local delicacies. Few tourists visiting Bhaderwah are lucky enough to be invited to a wedding to have full food but none has the luck to savour real Bhaderwahi food, people daily take in their homes.There is no dedicated Chinese, Arabian or Mughlai restaurant in entire Bhaderwah Valley. All major international brands like McDonalds, KFC, Subway or Pizza Hut are absent from Bhaderwah .All tourist destinations have a developed street food culture but alas Bhaderwah has none.Neeraj Yadav who arrived in Bhaderwah from Kanpur has a bitter experience to share. “Such a beautiful place has been messed up.
There are lot of things which cause inconvenience to the tourists.
“There is no information brochures, travel guides or maps available here. A person is completely lost and often ends up at the wrong place. I wasn’t able to find any food of my liking available here.
I am not used to taking spicy food or rice but since nothing else is available here, I was forced to eat whatever the dhabas serve here. Poor road connectivity and slow pace of developmental projects including road construction project from Bhaderwah to Gundoh and further Bani to Bhadarwah has left the people in Kathua in dilemma why government is ignoring the due development of this locality nestled within nature’s lap which could boasts of having everything to acknowledged as a ‘tourist resort’ on the tourist map of state.
MLA Bhaderwah Daleep Singh Parihar said “the present state government has started work on a “war footing” to construct the Bani-Bhaderwah road to promote the tourism from Bani to Bhadarwah and to develop the road connectivity from Jai to Gundoh and Padri to Bhal Padri and informed 10 Kanal of forest land in famous tourist destination Padri is being allotted to Tourism department for construction of hotels and huts.
He accepted that Padri area is fast-emerging as a favourite tourist destination of Bhaderwah because of its enchanting beauty but lacks facilities and expressed hope that during Bhaderwah festival on 27 and 28 July 2016 CM will announce some special package to Bhaderwah as promised by his father last year in festival .

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