Bhalla asks BJP to come clean on Jammu cause

Feb 15 :Senior Congress leader and former Minister Raman Bhalla today asked BJP to come clean on its role in undermining the interests of the State, Jammu region in particular, during its 10-month-long rule in alliance with PDP.
Addressing a large public meeting at Jagrian today, Mr  Bhalla  posed a  query to BJP leaders   asking them as to what happened to their  promises  of extensive development and pursuance of their core agenda  as they were in power for 10 months. “I don’t see even a single promise getting translated on the ground”, Bhalla said.
“The situation has come to such a pass that the  people are feeling cheated. They are frustrated the way their rightful place has been smothered by the power-hungry policies of the  BJP leaders,” Mr Bhalla, who is face of  Congress in Jammu city  said.
It hardly matters whether BJP will again form the government by prostrating before PDP, if there is no development. Their ten months have been disastrous  and the people have no patience to  bear more atrocities of the anti-Jammu  BJP.”
Bhalla, a Minister in the  first Mufti Sayeed Government  and that of Omar Abdullah,  has come out  in open after the first time asking the BJP–PDP to tell what are their achievements. “There is not even a remote glimpse of the  development  which they had promised. Instead, the people of Jammu are feeling let down. They are starving  because there  are no food grains at the ration depots, the power and water supply have become a dream”, he said, and asked, “Is this  your ( BJP) vision of development of Jammu region.
The public meeting was attended by several Sarpanches, Panchs and residents drawn from various places, which set the tone for the anti-BJP campaign in Jammu. Sarpanchs, Shamsher Singh and Kashmira  Singh, block president  Vijay Sharma, Naib Sarpach  Satnam Singh Keka , ex-corporator Satish Sharma were the prominent among those who attended the public meeting.
Bhalla recalled  the Congress rule when the State witnessed huge development and created job opportunities, took special care  of people and provided them all the basic facilities and  helped  farmers to live a life of dignity.

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