Bhim Singh visits LoC in Rajouri-Poonch Sector

Prof Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party with his Panthers Party of senior leaders started this morning from Jammu (Jammu Pradesh) and addressed several meetings of the mostly conflict torn areas of LoC in Districts of Jammu, Rajouri and Poonch.
Several groups and displaced persons called Prof Bhim Singh and demanded immediate protection from the Central Govt for their physical survival and survival of their children. Prof.Bhim Singh and the team met hundreds of displaced persons at Akhnoor, Sunderbani and Rajouri addressing a strong gathering of Panthers Party activists, mostly youth, Prof Bhim Singh told the cheering youth at Surankote (Poonch) that war was no solution, is no solution and shall be no solution to sort out family problems and conflicts between India and Pakistan.
He said that people of J&K are living in 21st century and have immense experience of the past wars and battles in Europe, Latin America and other parts of the world.
He said that people of J&K (from both sides of J&K) are capable, experienced and have tremendous capacity and human approach to work a resolution of their problems.
Prof Bhim Singh declared that the 3rd Intra J&K ‘Heart to Heart’ Talk shall be held in December this year in Delhi if Pakistan shall not allow it in Islamabad.
Prof Bhim Singh said that the Intra J&K ‘Heart to Heart’ Talk of leaders and intellectuals of both sides of J&k including Gilgit-Baltistan was held in 2005 and 2007 when Dr Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister.
Prof Bhim Singh told the civil society in Surankote and in other meetings in Poonch District that he has taken up this issue with Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and is hopeful that the Intra 3rd J&K ‘Heart to Heart’ Talk shall be held in December this year which is the only alternative/way out to find resolution of the problems related to J&K. The representatives of the political parties and the civil society from Gilgit, Baltistan, POK and J&K are capable and has commitment and strength to decide the issues by peaceful means. Prof Bhim Singh rejected guns/wars for the resolution of any conflict vis-à-vis Jammu and Kashmir.
Anita Thakur, General Secretary-JKNPP strongly congratulated the people of Rajouri and Poonch for their unique national role right since 1947. She appealed the Panthers Party activists to involve all sections of the people including the lady political activists. She also raised the role of Scheduled Tribes and all sections of the people of Rajouri and Poonch to strengthen secular bonds and nationalist urge of the people of the area.
The meeting was presided over by the District President, Ashfaq Rana. The senior vice president, Kuldip Raj Sharma also addressed the meeting. Other who addressed the meeting included Provincial Secretary, Shanker Singh Chib and several other Panthers activists and panches and sarpanches.

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