Biased, Inept, Judgemental, Jingoistic

Dear Editor,

In less than a week, we’ve lost more than 45 precious lives and more than 4000 are severely injured, scores have lost their eye sight and hundreds won’t be able to earn their livelihood henceforth. The situation is extremely serious. While all the renowned local newspapers in valley are seamlessly reporting the actual facts but it is disturbing to see the content of news channels from New Delhi and rest of India.

Not a single news channel from India has covered the injured youth, none of their reporters have spoken to those who need immediate medical care, they haven’t covered the mind-boggling incidents where attendants were beaten to pulp in hospitals, and never do they mention the damage to ambulances by police.

They have shrewdly shifted their focus to altogether different aspects such as article 370, political rivalry and safety of government buildings. Instead of discussing the strategies pertaining to save human lives, they keep on airing the wrong facts and paint their own ultra biased picture. They interview those individuals who have either no ground connection with valley or do not have the adequate fundamental knowledge of ongoing crisis. In exceptional cases if someone tries to speak the truth or show some solidarity with Kashmir, the anchors either cut their voice feed or don’t allow them to speak at all.

News channels completely ignore the excessive force and brutal actions of police; moreover they shamelessly justify their every action by putting a common man on receiving end. They speak in tandem with Delhi based politicians who are concerned about safety of Yatris and minorities. However none of them reports on the hospitals which are flooded with injured civilians. They don’t report the shortage of blood, doctors and medicines, but every channel is more inclined to tarnish the image of Kashmiris.

Their panels are seriously biased and jingoistic who advocate influx of more troops in valley. They don’t realise that Kashmir is the highest militarized area on the face of earth, where we have one security personnel for every four individuals. Most of the channels that air their content in Hindi, talk in a theatrical style to distort the actual situation whereas the English news channels think none other than them have the authority to speak and keep on screaming like street vendors.


Gandharb Singh

Kunjwani, Jammu



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