‘Big-Business, Trying; It’s Best’ To influence J&K, H&ME-department, in the name of ‘Services to Needy’

Serious Study Report By: Harbans S Nagokay.

As exposed by an RTI at Jaipur (Rajathan); the company operating 108 ambulance emergency services there in the state allegedly showed “fake calls” to achieve targets of trips for payments.

Though! The firm GVK EMRI denied the allegations, but the charges made by 108 emergency services karmchariekta union president, Virendra Singh Shekhwat, believed that if such fake calls are calculated, it could give an amount of Rs 76 crore, which company received from alleged fake calls.

The report sought through an RTI shows that from December 6, 2014 to May 16, 2015, they received 14 calls from the same number with different names and from different places in Jalore.


The phone number was 82*******7 and the callers were Chaganlal, Surendra, Dinesh, Kishanlal, Mahendra, Chetan, Praveen, Sushil, Kishan, Ashok, Rajuram, Sunder, Kishan and Nagaras.

All of them called from different places.

According to 108-ESEU; it is not just one incident of Jalore when the ambulances received multiple calls from same number and the company showed multiple trips for receiving payments.

Document received from RTI showed, many such examples, of like-wise dishonesties, there-at.

Like several, non-governmental organization (NGO) GVK-EMRI; is trying hard to get into operationalization of J&K’s Ambulance services, is a not-for-profit organization, which usually funded by donations.

However, sources articulate that well-known ‘Satyam Scandal’ put 108 services of erstwhile EMRI (The Company founded by B RamalighamRaju) but somehow gone in bad odours. Consequently, arrangement been made to form this new group ‘GVK-EMRI’ to take over the business modules & activities of erstwhile EMRI.


Not – for – profit; professional organization operating in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode.

The craziness to achieve new businesses heights, else ostensible services were quite visible from the statement given in May, 2012; by then regional COO (Tamil Nadu) of GVK-EMRI, Mr. B. N. Sridhar, who disclosed that after achieving success in many other states (almost 11-12 states) talks with J&K Govt. are in the final stage & services will be made operational soon.

And, this seems as if their exertions made this deals now to mature, finally. As sources in HME department disclosed that few execs at JKMSCL are very keen to finalize this long pending deal, at any cost.

All the same! Wherever this company & business-services are already functioning under shadows of doubts with so many misgivings & uncertainties besides court cases & allied allegations of ‘Discontinuation / Dissatisfactions of services, Low Salaries, Fake billings, Over-charges etc. Be it in, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Rajasthan, UP or adjoining state of Himachal Pradesh, everywhere this company is under questions.

Things are otherwise can be recognized from the statements given by Syed Suhale Parveez, senior manager of GVK EMRI while addressing a press conference in the month of January, 2016 at Bengaluru, who said that the decision for discontinuation from services of about 900 ambulance drivers & other paramedical staff had been taken after the State government sent several audits and expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of service provided by ‘108’ ambulances.

Syed at that time specifically told that among the several concerns that the government has raised about the ambulance service, the drivers and paramedics of GVK-EMRI; were not well groomed, did not wear uniforms even when provided, ambulance hygiene was not maintained, behaved rudely with patients, switched off their vehicles at night and slept, demanded bribe from patients etc.

At that juncture, how-come; J&K Govt. officials are giving importance toward availing their services else company is over-confident on instant allocation of contract to them, this is attention-grabbing.

And, any conclusion, if made; might not sound fair as regards of guaranteeing the reasonable procurements within Government pays & systems. As things required to be made transparent otherwise well reasonable while finalization the attaining the allotment by way of encouraging healthy competitions.

Hale and hearty races can safeguard the sanctity of judicious tendering systems as expected & needed to be adopted by the JKMSCL, the so-called autonomous body meant for the purpose.

But, meaningful to publish here that ‘Most-Awaited, Ambulance Services (Hospitals / ICU on Wheels)’ is still looking like a dream come true for many collectors & contractors as-well; apart from ailing masses. As ‘MD-NHM’ and few other mind-ful officials and decision makers are also not completely agreeing on this, sources told.

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