Bigg Boss 9: After Mandana and Gizele, Prince kills Kishwar too

There is a mysterious serial killer inside the Bigg Boss house, eliminating fellow contestants randomly. After Mandana and Gizele, it is Kishwar’s turn to fall prey to devious killer on Tuesday’s episode of the show.

While nobody inside the house has any clue about who that killer could be, Kishwar thinks it is Nora and even shares her observation with Suyyash.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss announces that the investigation has come to an end, and asks the detectives to present their case in a court put up in the garden area. He also announces that the proceedings of the court will be conducted by a renowned journalist who will enter the Bigg Boss house for a while.

The detectives name Prince as the main suspect, but Priya also puts Rishabh in the dock. During the proceedings, Rishabh calls Prince to the suspect box and asks him some straight questions. Prince, however, denies all allegations levelled against him. Rishabh even questiones him about the incident where Prince had asked Gizele to kiss him on his cheeks. Prince replies, “Tharkipan jaag raha tha!”

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