Bihar Deputy Chief Minister’s immature comments

Dear Editor,  

It refers to totally undesired comments of Bihar Deputy Chief Minister on day-light killing of teenager Aditya Sachdeva when state was criticized for having a ‘jungle-raaj’ again emerged in the Bihar was notorious in earlier regime of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD).

Comparing unfortunate terrorist attack on Pathankote airbase with daylight murder of a teenager by son of a politician of ruling alliance reflects immaturity of Tejasvi Yadav for which he should be publicly admonished by his father and also by state Chief Minister.

Video-footage of the accused killer behaving arrogantly even in police-custody and daily changing statements of the killer and his parents tend to doubt about ultimately save the killer from gallows. Bihar Chief Minister should set an example by following some other countries where such killers are hanged to death or shot soon after the incident.




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