Birthday of Swami Kumar Ji Maharaj celebrated

The Birthday of Swami Kumar Ji was celebrated here in Ashram premises at Muthi phase 2nd  with joy and gaiety by the devotees on the eve of birthday celebration a Satsang was organized in which renowned saintly soul  BI Sharnagat ji made the environment in an around the ashram soul soothing  sweet and heart touching from the  four hours today.

The saints and other religious scholars besides community leaders were greeted by large number of devotees .The devotees sang bajans and congratulated their Guru Bub Ji Maharaj his birthday and wished that swami ji live ling religious prosperous life. A hawan was also held in the Ashram which stated on May 7, 2016 evening and culminated with Puran Ahuti today amidst chanting of vedic mantra and Bajan Kirtan.

Thanking the devotees and other present on the occasion Swami Kumar Ji Maharaj gave a long deliberation specifying the significance should be under stood seriously regarding  the past , present and future of the life which should ultimately end in the accomplishment.

Among others  present on the occasion included  Sushil ji watal , Ashwani chranzgu , Swami Mohan Bub ji Maharaj,  Prof. AN Sadhu, MLC,  Ambardar ji , Dr. Rajan Salalia ( Art Of Living), BK Ravinder Baya ji and Karamyogi Shudarshan Didi ji (Bramkumari Ashram Rehari jammu  ),Swami J.N. Maharaj ji  ,  Shudarshan Kumar Raina Ji  ( Abhinav Gupt President), and also Pram nath trust ( SH.kashmiri lal ), Moshfhol  Trusts and Umadevi temple members.

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