BJP blames Cong, NC for trying to destabilise coalition govt

BJP J&K State spokesperson, Prof Virender Gupta, was critical of the resolution adopted in the meeting of the State political parties and leaders organised by Omar Abdullah and attended by several National Conference and Congress leaders, CPI(M) leader Mohd. Yousuf Tarigami, some independent MLAs and blamed these leaders for fishing in the troubled water.
He said that none of these leaders played any effective role in pacifying the situation; instead they remain engaged in instigating the people and aggravating the prevailing situation and added that Omar Abdullah’s Tweets on daily basis gave support to the ongoing agitation led by the extremists and terrorist groups at the behest of Pakistan.
He said that as is obvious from the statements of Ghulam Nabi Azad and P. Chidambaram, Congress party is acting behind the scene, in organizing the present meeting to take the benefit of the existing situation and destabilize the PDP-BJP coalition government in the sate.
He criticized Omar Abdullah for absolving Pakistan and down playing its role in the creation of present situation, whereas it is world known and ample clear from the statements of Pakistan Prime-Minister, its President, Army Chief and other functionaries, apart from the leaders of the terrorist groups, that Pakistan and terrorist groups operating from Pakistan are mainly responsible for the present situation in the valley.
He added that Omar Abdullah must have the knowledge that most of the terrorists killed in Jammu and Kashmir recently belonged to Pakistan and must be aware of the admission statements of Pakistani terrorists captured by the Indian security forces and asked Omar to explain the reason for denial of truth and for his
blatant lie.
He said that this is not the time to hold enquiry into the so called excesses committed by the security forces and added that it is also not the time to have dialogue with Pakistan or any other individuals or groups on the Jammu and Kashmir issues.

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