BJP erasing symbols of civilisation, culture in Kashmir: Hari Om

Jammu for India (JFI) convener Prof Hari Om on Tuesday charged BJP with erasing symbols of Indian civilization and culture in Kashmir and also lambasted it for terming Anantnag as Islamabad in its official statement. “BJP and its Tourism Minister Priya Sethi are converting J&K into a theocratic State.
It is willfully reducing Jammu and Ladakh to the status of Kashmir’s colonies to stay put in power,” he said in a written statement and added that the JFI will not allow the fake secular BJP to play with national sentiment come what may. JFI convener warned Narendra Modi Government that the enraged nationalists in the state will revolt against New Delhi sooner than later in case the Delhi darbar continued to flirt with communal forces in the Valley and outrage the sensitivities of the nationalists in the state by hobnobbing with anti-national forces in Kashmir.
“BJP has turned so anti-Indian civilization and culture that it has joined hands with those in Kashmir who desecrated the Holy Hari Parbat in Srinagar by officially calling it ‘Koi Marnan’ (Mountain of evil and wicked) and those who call the Shankaracharya Hill in Kashmir as ‘Takht-i-Suleiman’ or Suleiman Taing,” he said, adding that Hari Parbat is the home for all the gods of the Hindu pantheon and Shankaracharya Hill which is regarded Sacred by the Hindus.Prof Hari Om further lambasted the RSS-BJP combine for its outrageous statement that “J&K, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh were not part of the mainstream” and that “it would be politically imprudent to treat these three states like other states of the Union”. He appealed and urged the nationalists to see through the BJP’s atrocious game plan so that a full-scale campaign is launched in Jammu to not only preserve and promote the distinct identity of Jammu province and defeat those who have been erasing symbols of Indian civilization and culture in Kashmir but also to ensure that the unity and integrity of Indian nation is maintained at any cost. He warned the Jammu civil society of grave consequences in case it failed to see the writing on the wall and didn’t realise that their and their region’s very survival and existence is at stake.

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