BJP exposed for its politics of deceit, subterfuge: Harsh

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Jammu Tawi, May 30


The meeting between BJP Chief Amit Shah and Ex Minister Lal Singh has spilled the beans and once again exposed the real face of saffron leaders behind their deceptive facades, said Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister. He said that the closed door meeting attended by the state BJP President as well has amply demonstrated that BJP is blowing hot and cold over the Rasana issue only to mislead the innocent Dogras and exploiting their gullibility. He said that the meeting has proved that BJP is playing a double game to hoodwink the people as a part of its political strategy. On the one hand it is using Lal Singh to redeem the lost image of the party by raking up CBI demand and on the other hand it is supporting Mehbooba’s stand of Crime Branch probe through its Ministers, said Harsh.

Describing the opportunist double dealing of BJP leaders as a part of the their Machiavellian strategy to cling on to power, Mr. Singh said that it had extremely hurt the sentiment of Dogras. Asking the BJP to shun its hypocrisy and double standards, Mr. Singh said that its policy of running with the hare and hunting with the hound shall prove disastrous in the long run.

Re-iterating the Party’s stand for a CBI probe for ensuring justice in the Rasana issue, Singh said that JKNPP had been seeking central probe into the said case right from January 17 when the heinous crime came to fore. He said that the NPP had held a dharna seeking CBI probe on 19th January followed by road blockade on National Highway on January 21st where several party activists were detained by the Kathua police. He said that on January 22, the NPP leaders had joined the dharna of protestors inured in Police Lathi Charge on the previous day and strongly pleaded for CBI probe in the case. He said that the NPP had further held protests in New Delhi last month outside Parliament and outside Union Home Ministry New Delhi seeking CBI probe and this struggle shall be continued for justice to victim and for upholding the Dogra pride and honour.

Calling upon the people of Jammu to support NPP in its crusade for restoration of honour of Dogras, Singh cautioned them to beware of opportunist political entities that were trying to play with their emotions and cheat them in pursuance of a well hatched political conspiracy. Assuring the Dogras of NPP’s determined fight for their cause, Singh said that these treacherous, loud mouthed, power hungry dunderheads of BJP would be given a befitting reply at the appropriate time for their debauchery and politics of subterfuge.

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