BJP has totally lost credibility in state, nation: Congress

Addressing a Congress workers meeting at Bishnah today, Namrta Sharma general secretary J&K Pradesh congress committee strongly criticised the BJP colation govt for its total failure on all fronts in giving a good and effective governance in the state. She said
that the state is going through the worst phase of misrule and bad governance. The difficulties and sufferings being faced by the people of Jammu province is not being addressed by the BJP collation govt. Namrta further said that BJP party is totally exposed and failed to serve the people of Jammu and all the commitment and promises to the public at the time of election were proved fake and hollow. She lambasted at BJP for not giving the compensation to the farmers of Jammu province and also fails to
provide adequate ration, electricity and water to the public of Jammu Province .She further said that BJP is a party of sloganeers and known for the all time lies in the state and nation as well. Namrta further accused BJP for backstabbing the public while
surrendering the interests of Jammu to the
collation partner PDP. Prices of essential commodities are rising everyday which has totally shaken the budget of a common man and BJP is responsible for all price hike she added. Development in the state has come to an halt as govt has no programs and policy for the welfare of the people
of the state. Namrta asked the party workers to work
for the public and mitigate their problems, and said that Congress party will fight for the rights of every common man in the state.

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