BJP in ‘no mood’ to support PDP in disbanding committee

Satnam Singh Bajwa

Jammu Tawi

The coalition partners have once again reached loggerheads over the controversial Village Defence Committees (VDC), after PDP expresses will to disband the committee, while as BJP seems in no mood to support its alliance partners.

Castigating the statement of PDP leader and CAPD minister-Choudhary Zulfiqar Ali of disbanding VDC, BJP firebrand MLA-Ravinder Raina said that they cannot be disbanded, as they have played vital role in fighting militancy in the state.

Talking to Newspoint, Raina said that the statement of PDP leader is in an individual capacity.

“I do not think that PDP would be in support of disbanding an important committee, which remained forefront in fighting militancy in the state, especially in Jammu.” Raina said and added that they must be rewarded for the services they provided to the state government during militancy.

“There is no discussion among coalition partners over the disbanding of the committees. Moreover, I feel that if an individual commits mistake, he alone should be punished and not the entire organization,” MLA said and added they (VDC) should be strengthened.

Meanwhile, taking dig at the Kashmiri Separatists for demanding tripartite talks for the resolution of Kashmir issue, Ravinder Raina said that they hold no importance to represent section of society.

“I want to make it clear that the recent visit of PM Narendra Modi to Pakistan showed that India is a big brother and we never let off our responsibilities. As far as inclusion of separatists in the Indo-Pak talks is concerned, they hold no relevance in the state,” MLA said and added all the separatists should be put behind bars for ‘speaking against nation’.

Earlier, PDP leader and CAPD minister-Choudhary Zulfiqar had said VDC system was established during past when the situation was not normal. Now is the time to disband them.

The minister was responding to a question over the demands for disbanding the VDCs in the wake of killings of three persons, including a minor, in a week’s time in Rajouri district by two members of these village-level committees.

However, to counter the statement of the PDP minister, deputy chief minister-Nirmal Singh had said, “Disbanding VDCs is an irrelevant demand. If an army jawan or a policeman does something bad, will army or police be disbanded.”

VDCs were set up by police by arming volunteers to counter heavily armed terrorists in 1992-93. There are about 5,000 sanctioned VDCs in the state.

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