BJP makes debut in West Bengal, more than doubles voteshare

The BJP is making its debut in the West Bengal, with at least three legislators in the next Assembly. Not exactly an enviable performnce in terms of numbers, but the saffron party will still have a reason to smile.
Even with limited political capital, it has managed to increase its overall voteshare in the state from a meagre 4.06 per cent in the 2011 Assembly elections, to over 10 per cent this time.
Party candidates have won from Madarihat, Baishnabnagar and Farakka, and lost closely contested battles in Kharagpur and Mayureshwar in southern Bengal, where TMC and the Left are the dominant powers.
Party president Amit Shah seemed happy with the surge in vote share in West Bengal.
If the trend can be maintained, BJP can hope for a good harvest in the 2019 General elections.

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