BJP must learn politics from PDP: Harshdev

Ridiculing the BJP for its desperation to form the Government  by hook or crook,  Chairman of the NPP and former Minister Harshdev Singh has advised the ‘Saffron brigade’ to take lessons on politics from its erstwhile partner PDP.
Talking to  media-persons here Mr Singh said it is noteworthy that the PDP is reluctant on the issue of Govt formation despite having been offered the CM’s post for full term of six years. He said that by laying down further conditions in addition to the existing ‘Agenda of Alliance’ which already weighs heavily in favour of Kashmir, the PDP has proved that it can sacrifice power for the cause of its people, its electorates and for its principles.
He regretted that the BJP on the contrary has failed to assert and has rather indicated its desperation to form the Govt on the basis of the existing ‘Agenda of Alliance’ which has absolutely nothing to offer to the people of Jammu. He said that by its impatience and desperation to enthrone itself and its imbecility to seek the revision of agenda of alliance, the BJP has also proved that it can sacrifice all its principles for the sake of power. He said that it was shameful rather scandalous that the Party which had thundered during elections to demolish the father-daughter party (Baap-Beti Sarkar) was virtually begging before the ‘daughter’ to assume the charge of Chief Minister so that its leaders could enjoy ministerial berths in her Govt. He said that the tail-piece of the sordid events was a highly impatient former Dy Chief Minister himself going to meet Mehbooba Mufti, prior to her meeting with the Governor, for obvious reasons.
Urging upon the Jammu based leaders to assert, he said that the BJP must insist on incorporation of its election time promises in the agenda of alliance before any initiative is taken to form the new Govt. He said that not only PDP’s illogical claims need to be effectively countered but the neglected Jammu based issues and BJP’s pre- poll promises needed to be included in the Common Minimum Programme for their early implementation.

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