BJP, PDP coalition caused harassment to ReTs: Sham

Senior PCC leader and former Minister Sham Lal Sharma has alleged that the ReT teachers in the State were harassed by the BJP- PDP Govt by its proposal of so called screening of  ReT teachers who have been selected in past years purely on merit basis.
In a press statement the PCC senior vice president  castigated the previous BJP- PDP coalition for agonizing ReT teachers and asked not to disturb the education system in the State.  He said the new policy of the previous Govt has shaken  the whole education system and is about to have very bad impact on the career of students also.
It is not understandable  why ReT teachers have to undergo screening, if there is anything wrong anywhere, the  administration has sources to check  and find out. Terming the protest by ReT teachers as genuine, Sham Lal said that Congress party will oppose any move that goes against the interest of employees of the State and common people.
The PCC leader said that the order passed by the High Court which clearly says the degree issued by dubious universities are supposed to be verified and such class of ReT teachers are supposed to face the screening test. But all those ReTs who possessed degree from recognized universities shouldn’t be included in screening test.
Sham said this vindictive attitude has raised insecurity amongst the Government employees of the State and have lost faith in the decision making of previous Govt which has shown the worst example of `good governance’.
He urged the Governor NN Vohra to rethink over the decision which has affected a large section of society which in turn has affected student community as their  examinations are drawing nearer.

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