BJP-PDP coalition Govt fails to live up to people’s expectation: Bhalla

Good governance means good roads, good civic amenities, good public services, goods and services at affordable prices, good schools, good dispensaries, good hospitals, competent health services, clean drinking water, pollution free environment and safe public transport, rapid agricultural and industrial growth, assured employment, two square meals for the teeming, if all this has been done then only coalition Govt can claim good governance in state.

This was stated by former Minister and senior Congress leader, Raman Bhalla during party’s mass contact programme in Ward 55 near Sainik Colony in Gandhi Nagar constituency. Governance can’t be good governance until it is enabled with optimal use of skills, systems, processes and technology. Unless power of technology is harnessed optimally and rationally, efficient delivery of governmental services and programmes to the weakest in the chain will be a distant dream, Bhalla added.

Describing Congress Party as an instrument of service to the people and having always worked for upliftment and well being of the people keeping aside their caste, colour, region or religion, Bhalla said that Congress Party has always defeated the autocratic behavior of those who believe in suppressing or oppressing and victimizing the masses or opponents while in power. He said that Congress Party has always been desirous to take everyone on board with regard to equal development of people, adding Congress has determination to address issues confronting people of the state, as party alone had delivered enough and remained committed to make the State of Jammu and Kashmir a progressive and developed one.

He said that remote and far-flung areas of the state facing great hardships on account of healthcare, education, road connectivity, power & drinking water facilities and said that the such areas should get special attention of the government to provide adequate basic facilities to the people in all spheres of life, but it is unfortunate that the present coalition government has neglected these areas in every sphere of life and people are left on the mercy of God.

Bhalla accused the PDP-BJP government of ignoring the plight of people and urged voters to ‘teach a lesson’ to the ruling parties in the upcoming civic body elections. ‘The BJP-PDP alliance has been ignoring the plight of the people of the State. He said with the implementation of the National Food Security Act (NFSA) in Jammu and Kashmir, a large number of the State population has been deprived of government ration. ‘The NFSA is not suited for Jammu and Kashmir and that is why the previous state government did not implement it here.

He urged party workers to sound signal of change in the up coming elections to the local bodies and Panchayats for which Congress under leadership of Shri Rahul Gandhi fought a political battle to empower these institutions in the state in order to ensure greater participation of people in shaping their development. He said that people are totally disillusioned with the present PDP-BJP dispensation in the State and the central Govt because of their failure to come up to the expectations of common people. He said that the two parties have completely betrayed their respective electorates and every section of the society is facing great hardships due to the wrong policies of the present dispensation.

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