BJP, PDP equally responsible for deteriorating security scenario: Harsh

Expressing serious concern over the deteriorating law and order situation in the State, Harsh Dev Singh Chairman and Former Minister has attributed the present explosive situation in the State to the soft approach of the BJP-PDP coalition towards the subversives, anti-nationals and separatists. He regretted that right from day one of the present coalition, the secessionist and subversive forces were being given open arena to promote their anti-India agenda thus aggravating the already volatile situation in the State. He said that if uncontrolled, the situation had the potential to revert back to early nineties for which BJP and PDP would be equally and squarely responsible. He was addressing a huge public meeting in Ghass Mandi, Ramnagar today.
Lambasting the BJP for acquiescing in the pro separatist agenda of the Kashmir centric leadership, Harsh regretted that its much trumpeted slogans of ‘hard nationalism’ had yielded to ‘soft
separatism’ merely for the crumbs of power. He accused BJP of being equally responsible for taking some unpragmatic and rather obnoxious decisions which emboldened the anti national elements leading to the present crisis. He said that the release of 634 stone pelters who had reportedly been engaged by ISI and other terrorist organisations and had literally waged a war against the State were let
off by the State government which had encouraged such elements who had restarted their nefarious activities all over again. He said that non invocation of sedition charges for those raising Pak flags and ISI flags in Kashmir, virtual denial of Sainik Colonies and Kashmiri townships at the behest of separatists , withdrawal of Army from several places in the valley besides grant of permission to the various separatist organisations to hold anti India seminars and allow their meetings with Pak High Commission in New Delhi had given a new lease of life to the otherwise dampened morale of the
separatist forces.
While observing that loss of precious lives was always unfortunate and deplorable, Harsh Dev said that open revolt against the State could not be tolerated in a sovereign nation which provided ample peaceful ways and means to its citizens to express their views. He said that while the Central and the State governments should be open to dialogue and address the concerns of different sections of the society within the constitutional framework, there should be absolute ‘zero tolerence’ for subversion, fissiparous and disruptive activities. Strongly condemning the BJP for its failure to ensure safety of Amarnath yatris despite its tall claims he said that attacks on pilgrims had deeply hurt the sentiments of the people across the globe.
Urging upon the people to uphold the principles of nationalism and secularism , Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that people must remain vigilant against the nefarious designs of disruptive forces who were trying to disturb communal harmony and
vitiate peace. He further stated that Panthers Party had emerged as a true representative of the people by fighting for the cause of various sections of the society irrespective of caste, colour, creed and religion. He appealed the people to strengthen their own Panthers Party for the ultimate good of the common man. On the occasion
Harsh Dev also inaugurated a new office of Panthers Party at Ghass Mandi Chowk. Others who spoke on the occasion included Pt. Shiv Ram Sharma, Sagar Dev Singh, Pavan Dev, Kulbir Gupta, Akash Kharka, Neelam Abrol, Hans Raj, Gian Chand, Mohd Farooq, Kirat Singh, Pappu Verma, Bishan Dass, Mohit Mankotia, Sandoor Singh and Sham Lal, etc.

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